Drama Club

Student Council

Auburn Hills Christian School elects officers and representatives at the elementary and middle/high school levels each year.  Student Council is responsible for planning homecoming festivities, as well as other school events.  We are training leaders that will go out and make a difference in their world.

2015 Secondary Student Council

President - Myles Warman

Vice President - Chandler Yarnall

Secretary - Monae' Bowman-Johnson

Treasurer - Dawson Carpenter

Representatives - Skye Andre, Brandon Gordan, Romani Jackson, Micah James, Victoria McVety, Jeremy Stirnemann and Kristian Jackson

2015 Elementary Student Council

President - Janiah Donaldson

Vice President - Michael Chappell

Secretary - Mekenzie Carranza

Treasurer -  Lavender Murphy

Representatives - Ellie Camacho, Angel Denning, Madison Hall and Ryan MacLeod    

Other Clubs and activities

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