Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee - $175/student

Early Learning Center Registration Fee - $125  

Student Fees

Early Learning Center - $50 (includes breakfast, snack and books) 

K4/K5 - $475 (includes snack, graduation, Flying Up ceremony, books & yearbook) 

1st – 6th - $325 (includes books, testing materials & yearbook) 

7th – 11th - $350 (includes books, testing materials, yearbook & science lab fees) 

12th - $450 (includes books, testing materials, yearbook, science lab fees & graduation fees) 

Click this link for tuition information.

**Tithe paying members of The Apostolic Church have different rates, as they contribute to the cost and maintenance of the school building. If you have any questions or need more information, please call school office.

Application Process

We are in the process of creating an online application and enrollment procedure. At this time please contact us and we will email you the correct forms.

Complete New Student Application and Statement of Cooperation and Records Release forms.

Submit the following paperwork along with the Registration and Student Fees.

      Copy of Birth Certificate

      Copy of Immunization Record

      Copy of most recent Report Card

Click here to access RenWeb for student records and grade records.