English and Social Sciences – ABeka

Math – Prentice Hall

Science – Bob Jones


English – Prentice Hall

Math – Prentice Hall

Science – Bob Jones

Social Sciences – Glencoe

Leadership class – Biblical, John Maxwell and Dave Ramsey principles

*Classes also available through OTEC (Oakland Technical Center)


*These classes are offered variably depending on student interest and availability in schedule. 


Advanced Band

*American Sign Language

*American Sign Language II


Beginning Band

*Career Planning

Computer Applications

Concert Choir


French I

French II


*German II


*Home Economics

Intermediate Band


OTEC (Oakland Technical Campus) 11th/12th grade 



Spanish II

*Spanish III

High School Teaching Staff

  • janet hanke

    (Middle/High School Science) 

    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and over 20 years of teaching experience.

  • christa james

    (Middle/High School Mathematics) 

    Master of Arts in Education Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Physics minor, Secondary Mathematics Teacher’s certification Over 15 years of teaching experience.

  • holly sirka

    (English Language Arts High School/Drama Club) 

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Concentration in Theatre Studie

  • amy wickson


    Master of Arts in Teaching Reading and Language Arts, Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Linguistics

Elective Teachers

  • Amie Kelp

    Art, Home Economics, Yearbook

  • Andrea Dumas


  • Buffie Dumas

    (Concert Choir) 

    Buffie was a vocal major at OU. She is certified in Kindermusik. She has been the Choir Director at The Apostolic Church for 30 years. Buffie has also taught at seminars and conferences all over the country.