ELC Staff

Paula Lucas, Odell Tassin, Renee' Warman and Emily Welch have worked in Early Childhood, specifically at Auburn Hills Christian for a combined total of over 60 years. 

  • Paula Lucas

    Paula has taught 2, 3 and 4 year olds for 25 years. Paula has many certifications in Early Childhood and has a Bachelor of Religious Education. 

  • odell tassin

    Odell has been caring for and teaching the Early Learning group for 20 years. Her calm, sweet disposition causes everyone to love her.

  • renee warman

    Renee' draws children to her with her sweet, fun demeanor. She has worked in children's ministry and pre-school for 20 years. Renee' loves to sing with the children. She is known for her patience and kindness.

  • emily welch

    Emily has taught K4 and K5 at AHCS. She has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and over 10 years of teaching expericne. Emily is a graduate of AHCS. Emily makes learning fun by singing and playing lots of games to keep the 4 year olds engaged.